EPIC 001 - Lookup Participant's Digital Capability Address

Epic Value Statement

For Accredited Access Points (R002)
Who Send messages on behalf of Australian businesses (R001)
the Digital Capability Locator (R004)
Is a Trusted source of digital capability address records
That Support the dynamic discovery of digital capability metadata
Unlike SuperStream Fund Validation Service
Our solution Is publicly accessible to anonymous users and is extensible to support multiple identifier schemes. (Digital Business Council, 2016c)


Success Criteria: - Digital Capability Address Records can be retrieved from the solution in line with the Quality of Service Requirements.

In-scope: - Conformance with section 7 and sub-section 8.1 of the Digital Business Council DCL Implementation Guide. (Digital Business Council, 2016b)

Out-of-scope: - Maintenance of digital capability address records

Quality of Service Requirements:

In addition to the general QoS requirements outlined in the DCL Quality of Service Requirements document, the following apply to this EPIC and its sub-ordinate User Stories:

  • Security: Compliance with the Information Security Manual and all relevant ASD specified controls. (Australian Signals Directorate, 2016)
  • Standards Conformance: OASIS BDX-Location Specification. (OASIS, 2014)